Project Concept

Prosperity in Paradise


A truly spectacular and iconic colonial styled condominium development. Architecturally unique and timeless by design these diverse and dynamic styled condominiums, also captures the feeling of intimacy, calmness and absolute serenity. Designed to achieve sustainability and functional luxury comfort at its best. Palmetto park residence offers an unlimited combination of pleasure.

Clear your mind and enrich the soul

Take a romantic stroll around Palmetto Parks tranquil botanic landscape gardens, and enjoy the green lounge; enigmatic by design beautiful by nature. Spend quality and leisurely time utilizing the multifunctional library bar, or enjoy your moments at the roof top pool, and deck terrace. The aesthetics and iconic design concept are a true reflection of timeless heritage comfort and culture. This touch of colonial elegance and opulent splendor offers the highest standards of development in architecture in both classic and contemporary interior design.

Located in the heart of Karon situated just 800 meters from Karon’s white sandy beach and crystal clear waters. Palmetto Park residence Karon; is located on the west coast of Thailand’s Phuket Island and is home to Phuket’s second largest white sanded beach stretching over three kilometers in length. To the southeast the towering white marble big Buddha offering further spectacular views. Renowned for its sophisticated character, charm and peaceful local atmosphere.

Palmetto Park Residence is also within walking distance to Karon’sbeach front and patak road, parallel to the beach in karon and are both teaming with vibrancy and life’ not only does it offer a wide variety and abundance of night live, great shopping restaurants and entertainment, defined not just by its beaches local culture and ambience. Your days will also be enriched with nature, fun, culture and stunning panoramic views of the island.

Palmetto Park residence is a destination not just to escape life, but ensures life does not escape you.

Project Concept

A true reflection of past and present opulent living.

This Classic and contemporary iconic styled development has been accurately designed to achieve sustainability and functional comfort at its best. Its unique fusion of light colors, simplicity of shapes and characterized interiors gives a real feeling of spaciousness, and comfort second to none. The common area grounds and botanic gardens, distinctly expresses luxury living in its full glory, whilst the additional surroundings and proportionate living area's zones reflect simplicity and calmness in its pure form.

Developer Profile

the developer

A Definitive Journey

Working in unison together 3 king’s construction, Escore Properties solution,23 degree and Teem combined is a prerequisite for success, taking in to account, creative design concepts, cultural environment’s and economic values: Art House Development remains unequalled in exceeding expectations. Creative and inspirational design concepts and a combination of different skill factors and company groups cooperating in harmony together. In achieving the same aspirations, innovations, and goals becomes a formidable unit working in harmony together. This infusion of contributing factors delivers the highest standards of excellence.

Master Plan



The Palmetto Park condominiums will be provided with ultimate facilities and infrastructure for a comfortable living, being able to satisfy all our customer’s needs:

  • Reception
  • Multifunctional library
  • Botanic garden and green lounge
  • Lobby
  • Management office
  • Roof top terrace area
  • Infinity swimming Pool
  • Laundry
  • Shuttle bus service
  • Car Parking
  • 24 Hour security
  • Palmetto Park Condominium
  • Palmetto Park Condominium
  • Palmetto Park Condominium
  • Palmetto Park Condominium


  • Palmetto Park Condominium
  • Palmetto Park Condominium
  • Palmetto Park Condominium
  • Palmetto Park Condominium
  • Palmetto Park Condominium
  • Palmetto Park Condominium
  • Palmetto Park Condominium
  • Palmetto Park Condominium
  • Palmetto Park Condominium
  • Palmetto Park Condominium
  • Palmetto Park Condominium
  • Palmetto Park Condominium


Design to achieve significant rentals and capital growth it maximizes luxury and unique modern living. Palmetto Park residence has combined a fusion of colors, particular emphasis on classic period turquoise a semiprecious stone color.
Optimum natural lighting and space, generous in both its 1 and 2 bedroom units.

Using a combination of the highest quality materials. A blend of original local materials, the finest woods and tiling with a dash of magic, ensures the finest of finishing touches. The aesthetics and design concept are a true appreciation of colonial and local heritage, creating a timeless ambience of past and present opulent living.


  • 77 stylish residential units available
  • Seven storey building
  • Equipped with lifts and emergency stairs
  • Consisting of both 1 and 2 bedrooms
  • Every apartment has an en-suite bathroom with luxury materials and fittings.
  • Fully equipped kitchen.
  • Air conditioning


  • Palmetto Park Condominium Site location
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Palmetto Park Condominium
8 Patak soi 14, Karon Sub-District, Muang Phuket, Phuket 83100
+668 6414 4559 (ENG)
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+669 8015 8808 (CHN)

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